Air Creebec Hawker Siddeley HS748 Story


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Air Creebec Hawker Siddeley operates two HS748 freighters from their Timmins base serving many of the remote First Nations communities of Northeastern Ontario and James Bay. This in-depth show takes the viewer to visit Air Creebec’s HS748 cargo operations at Timmins, Cochrane and Moosonee. We meet Air Creebec’s operations people along the way that make it all happen, and there is “loads” of HS748 and ear-piercing Rolls Royce Dart action that more than highlights the capabilities of this superb aircraft.

This Air Creebec Hawker Siddeley HS748 Story was filmed in 16X9 widescreen with a high definition camera and we have presented the footage in the best quality possible so that it can be enjoyed in all it’s ear-splitting splendour.

Self-confessed, classic airline fans and HS748 story Rolls Royce Dart lovers will be more than satisfied with the noisy helpings of 748s action in this show. At each location we visited for filming, we filmed extensive 748 cargo handling operations speaking to the hands-on people that make it all happen. The back-to-back HS748 engine starts, departures, landings, taxi sequences and engine spool down sequences represent a superb documentation of this fabulous, classic, British-built marque. We love Air Creebec Hawker Siddeley HS748 Story and salute Air Creebec .. and we also salute the amazing HS748!!

Air Creebec Hawker Siddeley HS748 Story DVD Programs

Chapter 1) Timmins Intro
Chapter 2) Maintenance Perspective
Chapter 3) Up to Moosonee
Chapter 4) Moosonee HS748 operations
Chapter 5) Doug Medd at Moosonee
Chapter 6) HS748 Moose arrival
Chapter 7) HS748 re-configuration
Chapter 8) “Quiet Boys”
Chapter 9) Another Moose HS748 arrival
Chapter 10) More Moosonee HS748 operations
Chapter 11) Cochrane
Chapter 12) Cochrane HS748 departure and arrival
Chapter 13) Lloyd Richards
Chapter 14) Timmins HS748 operations
Chapter 15) Dan and Jason with Timmins cargo ops
Chapter 16) Timmins HS748 loading
Chapter 17) HS748 walkaround
Chapter 18) Timmins HS748 departure and arrival
Chapter 19) Jason with more Timmins HS748 loading
Chapter 20) Another HS748 departure and arrival
Chapter 21) DVD Previews