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Big Props Alaska, Land of the Free, and Big Recips!

Back in August of 2007, Chris Mak set out to explore a remote land, which was the wild of untamed Alaska. His sights were set on filming and flying on some of the last big recip propliner operations that could be found on the planet, as the 4 engined piston pounder has surely become an …Read more »

ALASKA 2007 De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver DHC-3 Otter Action

Welcome to Alaska! The final Frontier, and home to a large population of rugged De Havilland Canada float planes. These aircraft were mostly built some half a century ago but still provide reliable and economic service to their operators and customers that rely on them throughout the State of Alaska, in both summer and winter. …Read more »

Berlin Airlift Start of the Cold War Film made by the US Air Force 1940s

This films is about the Soviet formation of the Eastern block and the division of Germany and Berlin into the Soviet controlled East sector, and the Allied aligned West sector. The film then explains the amazing efforts necessary to resupply the isolated city of West Berlin after the partition of the city.

Convair General Dynamic B36 Peacemaker Strategic Bomber

The massive Convair B-36 Peacemaker bomber was first conceived in 1941 from the B-29 Super Fortress and in 1946 had its first test flight. As the US Air Force’s first inter intercontinental long range bomber, it had a crew of 16 specialists, and was powered by 6 piston ebgines and 4 jet engines. With a …Read more »

Wagair Beech 99 C-FWAD Air-to-Air Photo Shoot September 1991

JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby conducted an air-to-air photo shoot with Wagair’s Beech 99 C-FWAD out of YVR’s South Terminal back in September of 1991, with the help of Gary Vincent with the video filming of the session. The photo shoot was conducted from a Wagair Navajo out of YVR’s South Terminal and last about …Read more »

Pacific Coastal Airlines Beech King Air C-GPCB Air-to-Air October 1991

In October of 1991, JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby organized an air-to-air photo shoot with Pacific Coastal Airlines and their King Air C-GPCB that was conducted up the BC coast out of YVR. The video was shot on a pre Hi-8mm camcorder which was a state of the art consumer camera of the day. Unfortunately …Read more »