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Nanaimo BC Float Plane Spotting – De Havilland Canada Seaplane City

Welcome to beautiful Nanaimo, BC. This summertime tourist destination attracts visitors from Canada, the US and Europe seeking sun and fun, and many of these summer visitors make their journey to Nanaimo as a starting point for their Vancouver Island holiday via float plane from Vancouver. For aviation fans, plane spotters and fans of De …Read more »

Eastern Air Lines Lockheed Constellation 1948 promo movie

This is an amazing 1948 promo movie from Eastern Air Lines in which the airline’s founder Captain Eddie Von Rickenbacker tells the story of the airline’s latest and greatest and most modern new airliner to enter service, in the form of the Lockheed L-749 Constellation. The film was shot in glorious colour, and gives the …Read more »

Alaska Glacier Sightseeing Flight on Super DC-3 TransNorthern Aviation

The chance to fly over one of the largest glaciers in Alaska at very low level in a near 70 year old Super DC-3 vintage airplane is an opportunity not to be missed! Back in 2008, JetFlix TV cameraman Chris Mak chartered TransNorthern Aviation Super Douglas DC-3 (also called a C-117) for a sightseeing flight …Read more »

Boeing 377 Stratocruiser 1946 Debut – Glorious Kodachrome Promo Movie

Boeing had to transition quickly from being a war time military contractor of the warplanes to Uncle Sam to fight the Germans and Japanese to being a seller of commercial airliners to the post war fledgling airline industry. This fabulous film from 1946 was filmed in glorious colour on Kodachrome 16mm cine film, and the …Read more »

Pan American Boeing 377 Stratocruiser Introduction to Service Late 1940s

The Boeing 377 Stratocruiser was the A380 of the 1940s and 1950s. The basic design was an adaptation of the B-29 bomber in which the fuselage was enlarged for the long range transport of passengers on a double deck deck bubble design. The major long haul airlines of the day ordered the Startocruiser including BOAC, …Read more »

United Airlines Operations and Fleet Overview 1958

Like today, back in 1958, United Air Lines was one of the largest airlines in the free world. This beautiful period colour film highlights United’s operations from the period. It includes their small town, short hop service with their Convair 340s, United’s trans-continental services with their DC-6s for convenient coast-to-coast service in comfort, and even …Read more »