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CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet – US Airlines Serving the US Military 1960s 1970s

The CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet are commercial airlines and their aircraft that can be called upon by the emergency demands of the US Government at times of national emergency, war, or natural disaster to aid in the transport of emergency personnel and cargo. The CRAF serves short haul, long haul, domestic, and Alaska. CRAF …Read more »

Above the Clouds TCA Air Canada Air-to-Air Symphony 1940s-1970s

Join JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby as he narrates a fascinating journey across the clouds, as he tells the story of Air Canada’s first thirty years from their founding in 1937, by way of rare, historic air-to-air footage of TCA and Air Canada aircraft. This fascinating air-to-air footage for the most part can be classified …Read more »

Operating the Fokker F27 Friendship All Around the World Circa 1963

This English language Fokker promotional film dates from circa 1963, and is a fabulous visual celebration (or resume) of the numerous airlines all around the world that were operating the very capable and reliable Fokker 27. The film strives to show the differences in the extremes of environment that the Fokker 27 was comfortable operating …Read more »

Fairchild F-27 Prop Jet An Excellent Story of Success as a Corporate Transport Circa 1960

Fokker of the Netherlands provided a license to Hagerstown, Maryland based Fairchild Aircraft to manufacture their famous Fokker 27 in the United States for sales to North American based airlines and corporate operators in the late 1950s and 1960s. Fairchild slightly modified the aircraft name designation to “F-27” with a dash between the F and …Read more »

The Fokker F27 Friendship Story (Dutch version)

In the 1950s, the Douglas DC-3 Dakota was the premier short haul airliner of the day. But the aircraft was even then deemed to be out-dated, as it was already some 20 years old, and with the advent of the turbine engine, Fokker the Dutch plane-builder saw an opportunity that was ripe for the picking. …Read more »

Test Flying the Fokker F27 with Fokker Test Pilot H.V.B. Burgerhout (Dutch)

This Dutch language promo film was made by Fokker in the 1950s to demonstrate the impressive flight characteristics of their then new Fokker 27 regional airliner. Powered by two Rolls Royce Dart engines, the same reliable engines that powered the four engine Vickers Viscount, the Fokker F27 went on to achieve a similar worldwide sale …Read more »