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Pan American Douglas DC-3 N877MG Historical Flight Foundation visit to Abbotsford

For the Abbotsford Airshow in August of 2014, John Sessions and his Seattle-based Historical Flight Foundation brought their DC-3 N877MG up North for the event. The DC-3 is not known with one hundred percent certainty to have flown with Pan American in earlier years, but there is a good chance that it did. On the …Read more »

British Aviation Industry 1920s to 1950s

This information black and while film examines aircraft development in Britain during the first half of the Twentieth Century between, between the late 1920s and the early 1950s. It was actually a remarkable period, during which Britain advanced from the bi-plane to the supersonic jet, in a span of barely 25-30 years. Of course World …Read more »

Vickers Viscount 800 Last Passenger Flights

The Vickers Viscount is a member of aviation’s aristocracy. It was a work-horse for the world that emerged on the airline scene in the early 1950s. Which powered by four, revolutionary Rolls-Royce Dart engines. When it entered service it was regarded as fast, full pressurized, comfortable, and a bargain (originally priced at less then 200,000 …Read more »

Buffalo Airways: Propliners of the North

The world’s biggest operator of 1950s generation Propliners of the North aircraft is none other than Buffalo Airways, based in Yellowknife, in Canada’s remote Northwest Territories. Owned by NWT aviation entrepreneur Joe McBryan, Buffalo Airways operates an impressive fleet of cargo DC4s, DC3s, Curtiss C46 Commandos, and firefighter PBY Cansos. Also the Douglas and Curtis …Read more »

Air North HS748 Action – Song of the Darts

In the summer of 2010, a very special series of charters took place at Vancouver Airport’s South Terminal. Air North of Whitehorse based two of their Hawker Siddeley HS748s in Vancouver to operate four times weekly charters serving fishing resorts situated on BC’s west coast. Air North HS748 Action C-FCSE and C-FYDY both based in …Read more »

NWT Air Lockheed Electra – End of Service

On February 1, 1991, Yellowkife-based Air Canada Connector NWT Air operated Canada’s last passenger Lockheed L188 Electra scheduled service. Combi Electra IJV operated the Yellowknife-Coppermine-Cambride-Coppermine-Yellowknife routing under the command of Captain John Sorenson and his crew. In this program, we’ll take you aboard the second to last final day of scheduled passenger NWT Air Lockheed …Read more »