Belarus 2016 Mini Series

A six part mini series on the 2016 Belarus Aviation Tour.

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Belarus Aviation Holiday 2016 – Part 6

This 30 minute show encompasses the final chapter of our Belarus Aviation Tour for 2016. Along with a small number of the tour participants we enjoyed a pleasure flight on the GENEX LTD Antonov AN-26B, which is a fairly rare type, more so than the AN-24. Sunday, October 9, 2016 was a very dark and …Read more »

Belarus Aviation Holiday 2016 – Part 5

This chapter continues with the Belavia Tu154 inflight service and onboard flight experience on our way from Saint Petersburg to Minsk. This is the second half of the flight, which includes are let down into the cloudy wet weather at Minsk from cruising altitude. The descent through the weather made for a dramatic landing as …Read more »

Belarus Aviation Holiday 2016 – Part 4

This chapter starts out at Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg where we had to make super tight turn around to get back on the Belavia Tupolev Tu-154 that had brought us into Russia the same morning. We cleared customs and got right back on the apron bus, which took our group back out to the …Read more »

Belarus Aviation Holiday 2016 – Part 3

The holiday continues in Belarus Aviation Holiday 2016 Part 3: Sunday, October 9, 2016, started with a very early group meeting in our hotel lobby. The tour participants have told to meet in the lobby of the Hotel Yubileiny at 0600 am where boxed breakfasts were presented and busses departed at 0630 am precisely for …Read more »

Belarus Aviation Holiday 2016 – Part 2

Continuing from where for part 1 show left off, in this 40 minute belarus aviation holiday 2016 Part 2 show we join the group for a visit to Lipki airfield in Minsk. This is where the Belarus Ministry of Emergencies bases their helicopter fleet. Also There number of the interesting helicopters performed for our cameras. …Read more »

Belarus Aviation Holiday 2016 – Part 1

In October, 2016, a dedicated group of hard-core aviation fans descended upon Minsk, Belarus for a weekend of flying on rare Russian-built airliners. Organized by Boris Vlassov of Paris-based Merlin Tours, the group included attendees from North America and all over Europe for this special event. JetFlix’s Henry Tenby was thrilled to attend and filmed …Read more »