Belarus Aviation Holiday 2016 – Part 2


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Continuing from where for part 1 show left off, in this 40 minute belarus aviation holiday 2016 Part 2 show we join the group for a visit to Lipki airfield in Minsk. This is where the Belarus Ministry of Emergencies bases their helicopter fleet. Also There number of the interesting helicopters performed for our cameras.

We arrived at the airfield around 4 pm. The flights operated until dusk, with the enthusiasts sampling flights, but the star of the show was the gigantic Mi-26T. It is almost a helicopters version of a Lockheed Hercules!

Visit to Lipki

Belarus Aviation Holiday 2016 Part 2 – After soaking up the chopper action at Lipki the group enjoyed a pleasant Saturday evening dinner hosted by Boris Vlassov of Merlin Tours (the organizer of the tour). The Belavia Tupolev 154 flight attendants attended this dinner to familiarize themselves with the aviation fans. Further the attendance for the final Tu-154 farewell flight to Saint Petersburg, the following morning.