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Delta Air Lines Convair 880 Jetliner Introduction to Service

This film highlights the introduction to service of the Convair 880 jetliner with Delta Air Lines with the first ship delivered on February 10, 1960. The Convair 880 was the 4 engine passenger jet competitor to the Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8, but it did not meet with the same level of success as the …Read more »

BOAC Vickers VC-10 Flight Crew Training Film 1970

This film provides an in depth look at what it takes for a young pilot on his journey from student pilot to qualification on BOAC’s then new Vickers VC-10 inter continental jetliner. The film follows pilot Stephen Radcliffe in this fascinating career journey from the College of Air Training, various aptitude tests, his first solo …Read more »

American Airlines Boeing 707 Astrojet – Design – Development – Introduction to Service

This early 1960s publicity film promotes the then new Boeing 707 as it entered service with US domestic carrier American Airlines. American Airlines famously branded their new 707 jetliners as “Astrojets” to coincide with the current day fascination of space exploration and jet engines, and the US – Soviet space race. This film makes a …Read more »

Boeing 707 Dash80 Jetliner – 1954 Promotional Movie

This film explains the concept of the 4 engine jet transport along with the various systems that comprise the then new Boeing 707 Dash 80 airliner. Boeing rolled out their 707 Dash 80 in 1954. This is a quite nicely preserved color film that was made to capture this historic event. The new 707 could …Read more »

BAC One Eleven POCKET ROCKET – British Airways Flight Experience 1996

On June 30, 1996, the wheels of fate and fortune aligned and Henry Tenby was able to have his one and only flight on scheduled airline BAC One Eleven. British Airways BAC One Eleven Series 400 G-AVGP operated by Maersk Air was on the Birmingham to Belfast route and Henry Tenby filmed the entire flight …Read more »

Air North Boeing 737-200 Classic C-GJLB Vancouver 2014 Action

Back in the summer of 2014, Air North had their 737-200 classic C-GJLB based in Vancouver operating ad-hoc fishing charters from the South Terminal. Many of the fishing charters were up to the Sandspit in the Queen Charlotte Islands on behalf of the season sports fishing lodges that operate catering to wealthy US fisherman during …Read more »