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Flying On Classic Jetliners

In this day and age of stone-cold boring, sterile, plastic air transports, the thrill of Flying On Classic Jetliners of the past is all but a fading memory. Once common airliner types like the BAC One Eleven, Airbus A300, Boeing 720, and even Boeing 737-200s and 727-100s have all but vanished from the skies. As …Read more »

MEA Boeing 707: On Board & in Beirut

Throughout the Lebanese civil war, Lebanon’s flag-carrier airline MEA Boeing 707 kept flying, while almost everything else On Board & in Beirut was destroyed. Most would have thought that Middle East Airlines, like the country it serves, should have gone out of business. This show examines the story behind MEA’s remarkable survival, with on-location action …Read more »

Canadian Armed Forces Boeing 707 CC-137 In Service DVD Part II

The early 1990s was a particularly busy period for the Canadian Armed Forces Boeing 707 CC 137 Part II. Under Saddam Hussein, Iraq invaded oil-rich Kuwait on August 1, 1991, and Canada played a key role in the multi-national coalition. This Canadian Armed Forces Boeing 707 CC 137 Part II documentary explains the 707’s key …Read more »

Canadian Armed Forces Boeing 707 CC-137 Part I (1970-1990)

The Canadian Armed Forces operated a fleet of five Boeing 707 transports (code named CC-137s) from 1970 through 1997. These reliable aircraft provided the Canadian military with a truly global deployment capability, with air-to-air refueling, humanitarian, and troop and cargo transport capabilities. The footage in this Canadian Armed Forces Boeing 707 CC-137 Part I show …Read more »

Douglas DC-8 Flight Test

In the late 1950s, Douglas Aircraft of Long Beach, made a significant marketing push to draw many of the world’s leading airlines to their new, revolutionary jet transport, the Douglas DC-8. The Douglas DC-8 Flight Test went through a comprehensive development and flight test process, which captured on a series of promotional colour cine films …Read more »

Boeing 720 Last Flight

On May 9, 2012, the world’s operational Boeing 720 Last Flight took to the skies for the last time ever. Engine test-bed C-FETB was donated by her owners to the National Aviation Museum and was ferried from St-Hubert, Quebec, to her new home at CFB trenton. Without any official support, our videos crews at both …Read more »