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British Aerospace BAe ATP Designed For Profit

The British Aerspace BAe ATP was a 1990s era enhancement of the Hawker Siddeley HS748. The fuselage was stretched and passenger capacity/payload increased, avionics upgraded, engines upgraded and interior cabin updated to 1990s comfort standards. An already very capable and rugged aircraft became even more so in the form of the new BAe ATP. It …Read more »

British Aerospace BAe146 The Quiet Profit-Maker (circa 1990)

This film was produced by British Aerospace in 1990 to promote their then new BAe 146 regional jetliner. The BAe 146 was a specialized aircraft that was designed for high performance from short and unimproved air fields. Therefore, it found a niche with both hub and spoke regional carriers as well as specialist operators in …Read more »

Spectacular Netherlands Aerial Scenic: Electric flight to Leeuwarden AFB Part 1

Sustainable aviation by non petroleum based fuel sources will be the leading driving force for aviation in the coming decades. JetFlix Reporter Niels Dam has been tasked by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure to document two electric aircraft flights, the first of their kind in the Netherlands. During a Dutch Government supported special event highlighting …Read more »

Air Canada 787 Flight Review to Big Apples with Celebrity Appearance!

Air Canada offers a comfortable and reliable Boeing 787 connection between Vancouver and the Big Apple, via Newark Liberty Airport. Join JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby for a sampling of this service in economy class in this flight review video, which literally takes us from gate 75 at YVR all the way to Times Square, …Read more »

Turkish Airlines A321 Istanbul to Vienna with Air Tour of New Istanbul airport

In this video filmed by JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby, we join him in March of 2018 for a Turkish Airlines Airbus 321 routine scheduled flight from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to Vienna, Austria. Shortly after departure from Ataturk airport we flew over the new Istanbul airport being constructed about 50 miles east of the city, …Read more »

Operating the Fokker F27 Friendship All Around the World Circa 1963

This English language Fokker promotional film dates from circa 1963, and is a fabulous visual celebration (or resume) of the numerous airlines all around the world that were operating the very capable and reliable Fokker 27. The film strives to show the differences in the extremes of environment that the Fokker 27 was comfortable operating …Read more »