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Berlin Tegel Spotter’s Dream Airport Part 1

CLICK HERE for Berlin Tegel Airport Part 2 Welcome to Berlin Tegel Airport. Built for the jet passenger comforts of the 1960s, the airport features a circular design with 30 metre distance from the curb to the boarding gate. Airports in China will advised to not take a page from this playbook! Tegel airport also …Read more »

Berlin Tegel Spotter’s Dream Airport Part 2

CLICK HERE for Berlin Tegel Airport Part 1 Welcome to the part 2 continuation of the JetFlix TV visit to Berlin’s famous Tegel Airport. Located a 20 minute bus ride’s distance from the Berlin central Hauptbahnhoff, the airport is extremely convenient for tourists and business visitors alike. Bus service between the airport and city centre …Read more »

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Polderbaan Spotting – Part 2

CLICK HERE for part 1 video The Poldedbaan spotting location at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport is so good it deserves two videos here at JetFlix TV. This video is more of the same amazing runway action footage as featured in the first part of this show. This particular footage was filmed in early November of 2017, …Read more »

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Tour

In this day and age there are very few airports in the world that offer airside and land side tours to the general public, but Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands is one of them. You can purchase your airport tour tickets at the aviation shop on the lower level of the shopping centre and …Read more »

AMSTERDAM Schiphol Airport Polderbaan Spotting – Part 1

CLICK HERE for part 2 video Welcome to Amsterdam Airport’s famous Polderbaan spotting location. It is a place for aviation freaks and families alike that is alive with airport action movements from dawn to dusk, and even later for the hard-core keeners. Aviation photographers will love the location, specially spotters and reggie bashers. As there …Read more »

NWT Air Boeing 737-210C C-GNWI air-to-air and crew training Yellowknife 1992

NWT Air was founded in 1962 Robert Parsons “Bob” Engle as a Yellowknife, NWT based charter operator with a Beech 18 on floats. Over the decades the airline advanced to DC-3, DC-6, Lockheed L188 Electra and in the late 1980s to Boeing 737-200 Combi aircraft, which were ideally suited to the market placed demands of …Read more »