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NWT Air Boeing 737-210C C-GNWI air-to-air and crew training Yellowknife 1992

NWT Air was founded in 1962 Robert Parsons “Bob” Engle as a Yellowknife, NWT based charter operator with a Beech 18 on floats. Over the decades the airline advanced to DC-3, DC-6, Lockheed L188 Electra and in the late 1980s to Boeing 737-200 Combi aircraft, which were ideally suited to the market placed demands of …Read more »

NASA History Past 70 Years of Experimental Flight Test

NASA has used various aircraft to test an assortment of space exploration related vehicles going back some 70 years to just after the close of World War two. This publicity film made by NASA shows a very interesting selection of their fantastic flight test aircraft, starting with the X-1 in 1947 to explore the outer …Read more »

CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet – US Airlines Serving the US Military 1960s 1970s

The CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet are commercial airlines and their aircraft that can be called upon by the emergency demands of the US Government at times of national emergency, war, or natural disaster to aid in the transport of emergency personnel and cargo. The CRAF serves short haul, long haul, domestic, and Alaska. CRAF …Read more »

US Navy Down to the Wire – T2 Buckeye Carrier Training Operations Early 1970s

This 30 minute film tells the story of new recruit US Navy fighter pilots and their journey to proficiency in carrier operations. The new pilots first have to learn the basics of aviation the propellor powered T-34 Mentor before they advance to the T-2 Buckeye US Navy training jet. Once on the T-2, they flew …Read more »

Boeing SST Super Sonic Transport Cockpit Instrumentation mid 1960s

This film was made in the mid 1960s to explain the advances in cockpit technology that would have been incorporated in the Boeing SST Super Sonic Transport, had the aircraft actual gone ahead with manufacture. Back in the mid 1960s Boeing was considering competing with the French-Angle Concorde in developing their own SST, which would …Read more »

NASA Boeing 747SP Sofia N747NA Aircraft and Operational Visual History

The Boeing 747SP Special Performance N747SP is a join operation between NASA and DLR the German Space agency and the aircraft is named SOFIA as the aircraft is an airborne “Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy” platform. The former Pan Am then United 747SP underwent major modifications in the early 2000s which included the addition of …Read more »