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Villavicencio Colombia Propliner Action – Part 1

CLICK HERE for the Part 2 of this show. Almost every serious aviation photographer from the 1980s and 1990s know that one of the word’s best stongholds for propliner action was Villavicencio in the central region of Colombia. From this small airport a collection of small operators flew vintage fleets of propliners into the remote …Read more »

Villavicencio Colombia Propliner Action 2001 – Part 2

CLICK HERE for the Part 1 of this show. Villavicencio is a remote airstrip that has historically re-supplied even more remote jungle airstrips in Colombia that has attracted aviation photographers and enthusiasts for many decades. The allure was a thriving population of classic 1950s era propliners including large fleets of DC-3, C-46, DC-4, DC-7, and …Read more »

Aerosol Colombia DC-6 Flight Villavicencio to Mitu

On May 4, 2001, JetFlix TV videographer Chris Mak was in the propliner Mecca of Villavicencio Colombia and tagged along for a resupply flight to Mitu on the AEROSOL Colombia DC-6 HK-1400. This was an amazing flight experience from start to end, as he able to film to his heat’s content. They even removed the …Read more »

Big Northern Recips – USA and Canada Summer 2007

In the summer of 2007 Dutch aviation videographer Chris Mak ventured up north to the Canada’s Yukon and Alaska in search of vintage propliners doing yeoman’s service as cargo haulers and water bombers. Like the Northern explorers of the past, he struck Gold! And we’re pleased as hell to be able share his amazing finds …Read more »

De Havilland Dove flight to Old Timers Airshow at Saarbrucken

Join JetFlix TV videographer Chris Mak as he travels on the LTU De Havilland Dove D-INKA to attend the Old Timers Airshow at Saarbrucken on May 1, 2007. Whilst at the airshow Chris filmed the comings and goings of the day which included Junkers Ju-52, Luftwaffe S-58 helicopter warbird, a beautifully restored Antonov AN-2, the …Read more »

Flying the Brooks Fuel Douglas DC-4

In this show we join aviation videographer Chris Mak for a flight with Brooks Fuels and one of their fabulous DC-4 propliners, from Fairbanks to Tanana Ralph M Calhoun Memorial Airport with fuel, and empty back to Fairbanks. The video starts with the ground prep of the aircraft in Fairbanks followed by a lengthy engine …Read more »