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Big Props Alaska, Land of the Free, and Big Recips!

Back in August of 2007, Chris Mak set out to explore a remote land, which was the wild of untamed Alaska. His sights were set on filming and flying on some of the last big recip propliner operations that could be found on the planet, as the 4 engined piston pounder has surely become an …Read more »

ALASKA 2007 De Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver DHC-3 Otter Action

Welcome to Alaska! The final Frontier, and home to a large population of rugged De Havilland Canada float planes. These aircraft were mostly built some half a century ago but still provide reliable and economic service to their operators and customers that rely on them throughout the State of Alaska, in both summer and winter. …Read more »

US Department of the Interior Grumman Goose G-21 Pleasure Flight Anchorage

In the summer of 2007, JetFlix TV cameraman Chris Mak paid a visit to the G-21 Grumman Goose operated by the US Department of the Interior based at Lake Hood, Anchorage. He was lucky enough to join the Goose for a local test flight and he filmed much of the piston pounding proceedings. This video …Read more »

A Fun Scenic Flight with Rust’s Flying Service DHC-2 Beaver Anchorage Alaska

In the summer of 2007, JetFlix TV cameraman Chris Mak paid a visit to the DHC-2 Beaver operation of Rust’s Flying Service based at Lake Hood, Anchorage. Chris joined the Beaver pilot for a few local re supply flights and he filmed much of the proceedings. The beaver dropped Chris at a remote water spot …Read more »

Flying the Grumman Widgeon with Harvey Flying Service of Kodiak Alaska

In August of 2007, JetFlix TV camerman Chris Mak sampled a flight on the vintage Grumman Widgeon N17481 operated by Kodiak, Alaska based Harvey Flying Service. He filmed the short flight from Kodiak airport to Heitman Lake, some 30 minutes flying time each way and we are very pleased to feature this amazing aircraft here …Read more »

Berlin Tegel Spotter’s Dream Airport Part 1

CLICK HERE for Berlin Tegel Airport Part 2 Welcome to Berlin Tegel Airport. Built for the jet passenger comforts of the 1960s, the airport features a circular design with 30 metre distance from the curb to the boarding gate. Airports in China will advised to not take a page from this playbook! Tegel airport also …Read more »