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Pan American Douglas DC-3 N877MG Historical Flight Foundation visit to Abbotsford

For the Abbotsford Airshow in August of 2014, John Sessions and his Seattle-based Historical Flight Foundation brought their DC-3 N877MG up North for the event. The DC-3 is not known with one hundred percent certainty to have flown with Pan American in earlier years, but there is a good chance that it did. On the …Read more »

Lockheed C130 Hercules 1955 First Look (Previously Classified)

In 1955, a new model or troop and transport plane was first flown and put under flight testing in 1955, called the C130 Hercules, built by the Marietta, Georgia division of the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. By January of 1955, six production models of the C130 were under construction by January. On April 7, 1955, the …Read more »

USAF Boeing B-17G Memphis Belle World War II Technicolor Film (1944)

USAF Boeing B-17G Memphis Belle, 324th Squadron, 91st Heavy Bombardment Group This 40 minute Technicolor film was produced during World War II by the War Department of the United States Air Force and it tells the story, trials and tribulations of the ground and air personnel of the famous B-17 bomber. Based at an undisclosed …Read more »

US Air Force Reserves Opportunities and Mock Deployment 1980

This 1980 film was produced by the US Air Force to explain the various opportunities that exist for people to service in the Reserves. Be it in operational roles or ground support roles. And it also explains what reservists could experience if called to active duty in a real life deployment. The piece was filmed …Read more »

USAF Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker Air Refueling Documentary 1960s

The Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker was launched into service as an aerial refueling aircraft for the US Air Force in the 1950s, as a pre curser to the launch of the Boeing 707 jetliner in the passenger market. Given that the type 60 years later is still one of the mainstay refueling aircraft in the US …Read more »

Flughafen Frankfurt Main Airport Operations 1970 Flashback

With the jet age well entrenched on the international airline scene by the late 1960s, and the dawn the wide bodied jetliner making its presence known all over the world, Frankfurt Main airport was already well prepared for the industry changes that were on the horizon. Although not the size and airport operations leader that …Read more »