Welcome to JetFlix.TV

JetFlix.TV is a newly launched on demand (or “Watch Instantly”) internet video streaming service that provides full length aviation movies for hard-core aviation fans.

Our specialty is classic airline content but our growing video platform also includes current day commercial and military aviation, airline fan trips, Russian aircraft, classic airline promo movies, and airport visits. Our movie presentations are custom sourced or produced in-house. They are are not short clips like you’ll find on sites like YouTube. Most of our shows are one hour in duration.

For only $6.99 per month JetFlix.TV subscribers have unlimited access to all our shows (which now number more than 70), which can be watched anywhere, anytime.

The monthly subscription fee is charged to a subscriber’s credit card, and if you’re not happy with our content or value delivered, feel free to cancel anytime.

A short sample of our classic airline content is provided in the movie above (watch it in full screen!) .. Previews are also available on our blog.

We hope you’ll join us. To join now, just click on the big button on the upper right side of this page.

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