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Westover Air Force Base Airshow 1992 USAF C-130 C-5 U-2

This one hour publicity film was produced by the US Air Force to document the airshow that was staged at Westover Air Force Base in 1992. The film features an excellent selection of warbids, the Golden Knights Fokker F27 parachute team, the Westover AFB (Maine) based C-5A Galaxy, a USAF U-2 spy plane, C-130, B-52, …Read more »

Battle of Khe Sanh Vietnam War The Air Power

This film was made by the US Department of Defence in 1968 to tell the story of the Battle of Khe Sanh. A force of some 6,000 US Marines and SOuth Vietnamese Rangers battled North Vietnamese and Vietcong forces number some 20,000 men during January and February, 1968. US aircraft including F-4s, F-100s and F-105s, …Read more »

Twenty Five Hour Day Vietnam War Documentary Fairchild F-105 Thunderchief Operations

“A Story of Air Force F-105s” this is a 26 minute publicity film produced by Fairchild-Hiller / Republic Aviation, makers of the F-105 Thunderchief from 1967. The film opens with US Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara explains that petroleum imports into 1966 increased between 50 and 70 percent over 1965, as a requirement to literally …Read more »

US Air Force Air Power in Vietnam Operational Review 1966

This US Air Force publicity film dates from 1966. It presents an overview of the entire Air Force mission during the then raging Vietnam War. We are shown the mission strategic planning centre at Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu, where the entire Pacific theatre is managed from during times of war and peace. The …Read more »

TAC Tactical Air Command in Action 1964 with F-84F F-100D F-105 F-4C RF-101 RB-66

This USAF promotional film dates from 1964 and presents a survey of the Tactical Air Command and its aircraft and mission during the Vietnam War. We are presented with pre-camouflage footage of the USAF F-84F, F-100D, F-104 and F-105 in an impressive firepower demonstration. he F-105 is live firing 2.75″ rockets, the F-100D is dropping …Read more »

US Air Force Combat Photography COMDOC Vietnam 1968 F-4 F-100 F-105 AC-47 B-52

This US Air Force publicity film dates from 1968 and presents the viewer with an overview of the interesting topic of historic photo and film documentation during war. During the Vietnam war in 1968, we visit with the 600th Photo Squadron photographers who flew in strike and attack aircraft on live sorties to document bombing, …Read more »