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F-4 Phantom History to 1978 – McDonnell Douglas 5000 Aircraft Winner

This promotional film on the history of the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom dates from the occassion of the 5,000th aircraft produced, which is a highlight event captured in the movie. On May 24, 1978, McDonnell Douglas delivered the 5,000th F-4 Phantom II, F-4E-65-MC 77-0290 to the United States Air Force in a very special ceremony …Read more »

Farnborough 1960 SBAC Airshow – Vulcan Herald Victor Vanguard Flight Demos

This film captures the aviation highlights of the 1960s Farnborough Airshow. Star performances include a simulated RAF Vulcan bomber scramble with impressive fly pasts. We also see fabulous flying demonstrations of a Trans Canada Air Lines Vickers Vanguard, BEA Dart Herald, English Electric Lightening, Armstrong Whitworth Argosy, and Vickers Victor and more.

USAF Cold War Berlin Blockade 1947

This movie from 1947 explains the history in the lead up to the Soviet blockade of Berlin and the allied effort to keep the isolated city resupplied with a massive fleet of transport aircraft from points in Allied West Germany.

NASA History Past 70 Years of Experimental Flight Test

NASA has used various aircraft to test an assortment of space exploration related vehicles going back some 70 years to just after the close of World War two. This publicity film made by NASA shows a very interesting selection of their fantastic flight test aircraft, starting with the X-1 in 1947 to explore the outer …Read more »

US Navy Down to the Wire – T2 Buckeye Carrier Training Operations Early 1970s

This 30 minute film tells the story of new recruit US Navy fighter pilots and their journey to proficiency in carrier operations. The new pilots first have to learn the basics of aviation the propellor powered T-34 Mentor before they advance to the T-2 Buckeye US Navy training jet. Once on the T-2, they flew …Read more »

Westover Air Force Base Airshow 1992 USAF C-130 C-5 U-2

This one hour publicity film was produced by the US Air Force to document the airshow that was staged at Westover Air Force Base in 1992. The film features an excellent selection of warbids, the Golden Knights Fokker F27 parachute team, the Westover AFB (Maine) based C-5A Galaxy, a USAF U-2 spy plane, C-130, B-52, …Read more »