DC-8 Farewell

In May of 2013, JetFlix founder Henry Tenby visited Air Transport International to document some of the final flights of their DC-8-62 passenger combi prior to replacements with newer 757 aircraft. Henry Tenby spent several days filming their DC-8-62 operation in California prior to the aircraft’s final departure from the Continental United States. This market the end of the line for worldwide passenger carry scheduled DC-8 operations. Join us here on JetFlix TV for this amazing 9 part DC-8 Farewell mini series, which includes 5 special extra bonus videos.

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Farewell DC-8 Bonus Track 1 – Full Flight Filmed in the Cockpit

Welcome to Bonus Track 1. In this video we provide the full uncut camera roll video from the flight deck camera that filmed the entire ATI DC-8-62 flight from McClellan to Travis AFB on May 12, 2013.