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BEA British European Airways 1971 Operations – 25th Anniversary Film

BEA British European Airways was the UK’s State owned domestic and medium haul airline until it merged with BOAC to form British Airways in 1973. This promotional film was produced to celebrate BEA’s 25th Silver Anniversary in 1971, and highlight the airline’s accomplishments and operations during that year. BEA and associated airlines operated an all …Read more »

Farnborough 1960 SBAC Airshow – Vulcan Herald Victor Vanguard Flight Demos

This film captures the aviation highlights of the 1960s Farnborough Airshow. Star performances include a simulated RAF Vulcan bomber scramble with impressive fly pasts. We also see fabulous flying demonstrations of a Trans Canada Air Lines Vickers Vanguard, BEA Dart Herald, English Electric Lightening, Armstrong Whitworth Argosy, and Vickers Victor and more.

BOAC Vickers VC-10 Flight Crew Training Film 1970

This film provides an in depth look at what it takes for a young pilot on his journey from student pilot to qualification on BOAC’s then new Vickers VC-10 inter continental jetliner. The film follows pilot Stephen Radcliffe in this fascinating career journey from the College of Air Training, various aptitude tests, his first solo …Read more »

BAC One Eleven POCKET ROCKET – British Airways Flight Experience 1996

On June 30, 1996, the wheels of fate and fortune aligned and Henry Tenby was able to have his one and only flight on scheduled airline BAC One Eleven. British Airways BAC One Eleven Series 400 G-AVGP operated by Maersk Air was on the Birmingham to Belfast route and Henry Tenby filmed the entire flight …Read more »

BOAC British Overseas Airways Corporation Boeing 707 and VC10 Promotional movies

This airline publicity movie contains two parts, and dates from the mid 1960s with the first part featuring the British Overseas Airways Corporation Boeing 707, and the second part featuring the Vickers VC-10. The films do not tell much of the story or contain much narration as they are essentially visual feasts that celebrate the …Read more »

RAF Brize Norton 2011: Super VC-10 Lockheed L-1011 Non-Stop Action

Welcome to RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, UK, home of the Vickers VC-10 and Lockheed L-1011 TriStar transports circa June, 2011. JetFlix TV videographer Chris Mak spent three days at Brize in late June of 2011 filming the comings and goings of these fabulous classic airliners. Most of the filmed flights were local flight training …Read more »