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Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight Attendant Intro 1950s

Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight Attendant Intro 1950s Back in the 1950s, working as a Flight Attendant was considered as only a job for young, un-married women. It was a highly glamorous affair and a young woman could see the world, whilst also earning an independent living. But the job also required many skills which required …Read more »

Getting Canada Off the Ground (1972)

Getting Canada Off the Ground (1972) This 1972 film is part of Air Canada’s historical film archives that we digitized in Ottawa several years back, that we did not release on DVD. On January 17, 1972, the air traffic controllers across Canada went on strike for 10 days. For the first time in their history, …Read more »

Trans-Canada Air Lines Lockheed Super Constellation

Welcome to this JetFlix exclusive featuring the Trans Canada Airlines Lockheed Super Constellation. Cine film footage of TCA Connies is extremely rare. The material presented here represents the entire TCA Connie holding that exists within the Air Canada archives. It isĀ digitized in Ottawa, back in 2012. The first five minutes of this Canada Air Lines …Read more »

Air Canada Cargo Operations 1970s

This Air Canada Cargo Operations 1970s in house film produced by Denny Ranson of Edmonton. HeĀ also did extensive promo film work with Pacific Western Airlines in the 1970s. This film targeted to those in the manufacturing and shipping industries to extol the virtues of Air Canada’s international air cargo capabilities of the day. The Boeing …Read more »

Air Canada Technical Operations 1980

Air Canada Technical Services, based at the airline’s Dorval headquarters in Montreal is responsible for the maintenance inspections on the airline’s fleet of aircraft. Nearly one third of the airline’s employees were employed in this department under the direction of Lyle Rafery, Senior Vice President of Technical Services. The operations fall under seven main branches: …Read more »

“Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue” – Air Canada 1977 travel agent film

A humor in-house support Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue – Air Canada 1977 travel agent film produced in 1977. The year of Air Canada’s 40th Anniversary. Also it explains all the interesting ways travel agents can sell Air Canada travel products, with the focus of the film being a somewhat demanding fellow, who is …Read more »