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Air Canada Vanguard and DC-8

FROM Air Canada Vanguard Archives: In the 1960s, Air Canada’s medium to long haul services operated by their fleet of British-built Vickers Vanguard and Douglas DC-8 jets. The Vanguards and DC-8s of Trans-Canada Air Lines and Air Canada were once common place at Canadian airports. This program is a tribute to these great aircraft. When …Read more »

Air Canada In the 1970s 747 L-1011 DC-9

FROM AIR CANADA ARCHIVES: The 1970s was an era of transition for Air Canada. The airline retired the last of the very popular Vickers Viscounts, as well as the Vickers Vanguards. It introduced the new widebody Boeing 747 and Lockheed L-1011 Tristar aircraft. These start-of-the-art high capacity airliners truly made travel by air a mass-market phenomena …Read more »