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Istanbul Ataturk Final Hurrah 2018 – Part 1

Istanbul’s famous Ataturk International Airport was scheduled to close for all passenger traffic on October 28, 2018 with flights being moved to the brand new Istanbul International Airport. We have had the pleasure of visiting Ataturk Airport many times over the past twenty years and have always enjoyed spotting the amazing traffic at this gold …Read more »

Istanbul Ataturk Final Hurrah 2018 – Part 2

In this JetFlix TV exclusive, we present Henry Tenby’s immersive last ever domestic flight from Istanbul’s famous Ataturk Airport for a short flight to the Aegean tourist city of Izmir aboard a Turkish Airlines Airbus A330, in mid September of 2018. This journey was just a month before the close of all passenger flights at …Read more »

Istanbul Ataturk Final Hurrah 2018 – Flight from Izmir Part 3

In this final chapter of our three part story on the final days of passenger operations at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, we present a last ever flight to Ataturk Airport, this final time being from Izmir aboard a THY Turkish Airlines Airbus A321. This Turkish Airlines flight was documented by JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby, on …Read more »

Athens Hellenikon Airport Action 1994

In this short video we join JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby for a visit to the old Athens Airport between December 27-29, 1994. The footage was filmed from the balcony of room 434 at the Fenix Hotel, which was a favourite for spotters from all over the world. The Fenix Hotel at Athens airport was …Read more »

Speyer Classic Airline Museum tour with Lufthansa Boeing 747 wing walk, Mercure, An-22 and much more!

The Speyer Technik museum in Germany features a lovely collection of classic airliners including the famous Lufthansa Boeing 747-230 that is perched a few hundred feet up in the air that allows for a unique wing walk experience. JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby takes us for an immersive and fascinating tour of all the classic …Read more »

Sinsheim Museum – Concorde versus Condordsky Tu144 and much more Classic Jetliner Tours

Join us on a fully immersive tour of the famous classic airliner museum at Sinsheim, Germany. The highlight of course is the contrast between the French Anglo Concorde and the Russian built Tupolev Tu144 Concordsky. JetFlix founder Henry Tenby takes us on a very detailed tour of all the great airliners that reside at this …Read more »