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Speyer Classic Airline Museum tour with Lufthansa Boeing 747 wing walk, Mercure, An-22 and much more!

The Speyer Technik museum in Germany features a lovely collection of classic airliners including the famous Lufthansa Boeing 747-230 that is perched a few hundred feet up in the air that allows for a unique wing walk experience. JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby takes us for an immersive and fascinating tour of all the classic …Read more »

Sinsheim Museum – Concorde versus Condordsky Tu144 and much more Classic Jetliner Tours

Join us on a fully immersive tour of the famous classic airliner museum at Sinsheim, Germany. The highlight of course is the contrast between the French Anglo Concorde and the Russian built Tupolev Tu144 Concordsky. JetFlix founder Henry Tenby takes us on a very detailed tour of all the great airliners that reside at this …Read more »

Flughafen Frankfurt Main Airport Operations 1970 Flashback

With the jet age well entrenched on the international airline scene by the late 1960s, and the dawn the wide bodied jetliner making its presence known all over the world, Frankfurt Main airport was already well prepared for the industry changes that were on the horizon. Although not the size and airport operations leader that …Read more »

Return to Eden – An Early 1970s Visit to the Seychelles

(Early 1970s Visit To Seychelles, This show is presented in German) Return to Eden – An Early 1970s Visit to Seychelles Today, Seychelles is a tropical island retreat for the rich and famous, situated in the middle of the Indian ocean. But back in the early 1970s visit to Seychelles,┬áthis was not the case. This …Read more »

LAX Airport Spotting Report – A Report from the Field

LAX Airport Spotting Report- LAX Los Angeles International Airport is a destination of its own for hard-core airline buffs. Join JetFlix TV as we take you for a visit to airport’s best spotting locations watching aircraft and photography. The airport is very enthusiast friendly and the non-stop mix of US domestic and international flights. It …Read more »

Mirabel Airport – Mid 1970s Reports from Montreal

Also(This film represent Mirabel Airport – Mid 1970s Reports from Montreal) Mirabel Airport on the outskirts of Montreal was going to be the city’s replacement airport for Dorval Airport. It was big news in the early 1970s, as Mirabel was a massive infrastructure undertaking for for the day. The massive international airport went through feasibility …Read more »