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Pan American Airlines New York Jet Port Circa 1960

This is a lovely promotional movie made by Pan American Airlines to promote their newly opened Jet Port at New York Idlewild Airport circa 1960. At the time Pan American was transitioning from the propliners of the 1950s to the jet age with the introduction of Boeing 707 and DC-8 jetliners. And it was appropriate …Read more »

Rankin Inlet Airport Action 1994 – NWT Air | Calm Air | Canadian North

JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby visited Rankin Inlet airport on August 22, 1994, with his video camera to film the action on hand at the airfield in anticipation of the Queen’s visit later that same day. The airliner residents of the era included Calm Air and their HS748s, and NWT Air and Canadian North with …Read more »

Corfu Airport Spotting Report 1994 by Henry Tenby

JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby was an aviation spotter, photographer and videographer decades before the creation of the internet. He travelled the world visiting airports and filming airlines in the 1980s and 1990s pursuing his hobby, so that images of the aviation world at that time could be future generations of aviation fans. In this …Read more »

QUEEN’S VISIT to NORTHERN Canada AUG 19-21 1994 | with HENRY TENBY (PART 1)

Between August 19-21, 1994, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh paid an official visit to Canada’s Northwest Territories. This Part 1 video shows their arrival at Yellowknife Airport inbound from Victoria, BC via a Canadian Forces Airbus 310 Government Transport aircraft on August 19, 1994, after having officiated the grand opening of the Commonwealth …Read more »

QUEEN’S VISIT to NORTHERN Canada Rankin Inlet AUG22 1994 | with HENRY TENBY (PART 2)

Yellowknife NWT based NWT Air had the honour and distinction of flying Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh from Yellowknife to Rankin Inlet and on to Iqaluit on August 22, 1994. JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby filmed the Queen’s historic visit to Rankin Inlet on that historic day, and is pleased to present …Read more »

Berlin Tegel Spotter’s Dream Airport Part 1

CLICK HERE for Berlin Tegel Airport Part 2 Welcome to Berlin Tegel Airport. Built for the jet passenger comforts of the 1960s, the airport features a circular design with 30 metre distance from the curb to the boarding gate. Airports in China will advised to not take a page from this playbook! Tegel airport also …Read more »