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Flughafen Frankfurt Main Airport Operations 1970 Flashback

With the jet age well entrenched on the international airline scene by the late 1960s, and the dawn the wide bodied jetliner making its presence known all over the world, Frankfurt Main airport was already well prepared for the industry changes that were on the horizon. Although not the size and airport operations leader that …Read more »

Building the Douglas DC-8 with Early Test Flight Footage (circa 1959)

The Douglas DC-8 was the second US built jetliner offered to the world’s leading airlines in the 1950s, after the market leader, the Boeing 707. Even though Douglas was a bit behind Boeing in terms of development, they had a stellar reputation with their piston powered family of airliners from the Douglas DC-3 to the …Read more »

Canadian Pacific Airlines CP Air: History of the Airline 1930s – 1970s

Canadian Pacific Airlines was born from the great Canadian Pacific Steamship and Railways company that provided trans continental and overseas transport services from Canada going back to shortly after the country’s founding in 1867. Canadian Pacific Airlines was actually an amalgamation of a handful of small local airlines that were serving specialized regions within Canada …Read more »

Air Age Distribution 1960s

Even back in the early 1960s, cargo by air was a very established and important sector of the airline industry. The benefits of air cargo to the US manufacturing sector were communicated to industry by way of this movie, which was most likely funded by a conglomeration of the airlines from the day. Judging by …Read more »

BOAC in the 1950s

BOAC In The 1950s There were two leading airlines in 1950s, one was Pan American, the other was BOAC which stands for British Overseas Airways Corporation. During the 1950s, the vast majority of the travelling public was still taking to ocean liners for inter-continental travel. It was the job of the airlines to show public that …Read more »

Quebecair 1978 Airline Promo Movie (en Français)

(Quebecair 1978 Airline Promo Movie, This film is en Français – in French language) Promo movies are exceedingly rare and this is the one and only such film that we have ever been fortunate enough to have sourced, from a former employee. A quick shot of a computer screen tells us this film dates from …Read more »