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Intermountain Aviation Inc. The Can-Do Airline from the 1960s

This promotional film from the late 1960s was made by Intermountain Aviation Inc, a US based charter and specialty operator that was active from their launch in the late 1960s until their 1975 purchase by Evergreen International in 1975. As evidenced in this film. Intermountain was an active charter operator working in Alaska to support …Read more »

Lufthansa German Airlines History to the 1960s

Lufthansa German Airlines is one of the world’s oldest airlines. This amazing black and white colour promotional film charts the amazing history of this famous airline from its founding 100 years ago, and its progress to the airline’s launch into the jet age with the then brand new Boeing 707 in the early 1960s. Aviation …Read more »

International Civil Aviation Organization – Post War Foundation and Service to Airlines

From the United Nations Film Board, this post War film was produced to explain the role of the then newly created International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO and it important role in guiding the safe development of the passenger airline industry during the Global reconstruction period of the late 1940s and early 1950s.

BEA British European Airways 1971 Operations – 25th Anniversary Film

BEA British European Airways was the UK’s State owned domestic and medium haul airline until it merged with BOAC to form British Airways in 1973. This promotional film was produced to celebrate BEA’s 25th Silver Anniversary in 1971, and highlight the airline’s accomplishments and operations during that year. BEA and associated airlines operated an all …Read more »

National Airlines Douglas DC-10 Widebody Jetliner 1973 Publicity Film

Miami based National Airlines operated a fleet of 16 Douglas DC-10s between late 1971 and the time of their merger with Pan Am in the late 1970s. The National Airlines DC-10s were primarily used on National’s high density trans continental routes and their peak services connecting the Northeast with Southern Florida. Because National Airlines was …Read more »

Pan American Boeing 377 Stratocruiser Introduction to Service Late 1940s

The Boeing 377 Stratocruiser was the A380 of the 1940s and 1950s. The basic design was an adaptation of the B-29 bomber in which the fuselage was enlarged for the long range transport of passengers on a double deck deck bubble design. The major long haul airlines of the day ordered the Startocruiser including BOAC, …Read more »