Belarus Aviation Holiday 2016 – Part 6


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This 30 minute show encompasses the final chapter of our Belarus Aviation Tour for 2016. Along with a small number of the tour participants we enjoyed a pleasure flight on the GENEX LTD Antonov AN-26B, which is a fairly rare type, more so than the AN-24.

Sunday, October 9, 2016 was a very dark and wet day in Minsk so our flight on the AN-26B was in rather dreary conditions. But this did not damper the enthusiasm of the aviation fans who went along on this joy ride, which last about 40 minutes in duration.

The GENEX LTD An-26B is a rear cargo doored pure freighter, so the seating was paratroop style side benches (with seat belts). It was incredibly loud inside this aircraft so our spoken commentary and observations during the flight was largely drowned out by the loud sound of the engines. However, we did film the taxi out, take-off and much inflight footage of the cabin and limited views of the engines and props during the flight.

Despite the loud sound of the engines, it was very comfortable and warm inside the cabin, despite the wet and cold weather outside. A number of the joy riders actually took off their jackets to cool down as it was getting a bit too warm, but not in a bad way. Of course we filmed the full landing and taxi back to our parking stand at Minsk airport, where we had a chance to interview fellow joy-rider and fellow flight hound Sean Burris about his impressions of flying on the AN-26B. Needless to say he thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

The following morning we said good-bye to our hotel in Minsk and were taken back to the airport for our flight back to Frankfurt, so ending a very enjoyable aviation to Belarus.

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