LAX Airport Spotting Report – A Report from the Field


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LAX Airport Spotting Report- LAX Los Angeles International Airport is a destination of its own for hard-core airline buffs. Join JetFlix TV as we take you for a visit to airport’s best spotting locations watching aircraft and photography. The airport is very enthusiast friendly and the non-stop mix of US domestic and international flights. It makes LAX a must-visit air field for anyone with a passion for commercial flight.

Further On the South side of the field the two best locations for soaking up the action are elevated famous hill, Flight Path Museum &┬áLearning Center. It is another must-visit destination in it’s own right. A guid tour of The Flight Path Museum which is loaded with airline history models, photos and collectibles. That chart the history of the airport and the airlines that have served LAX over the decades. Also, the Flight Path Museum and Learning Center provides unobstructed viewing facilities of the runway. Visitors to the museum can spend as much time as they look watching the aircraft. If you visit the museum, please tell them you heard about from this video at JetFlix.

A Report from the Field – In addition to spending time at the famous hill, we also visit the famous In’N’Out Burger location on the north side’s final approach where excellent landing views can be had of the airliners streaming into to land at LAX. Also this spot is magically wonderful at dusk and sunset, as spectacular photos can be made with the setting sun in the background. You have to see it to believe it! And we present it all in this capsule report from the field at LAX.

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