BAC One Eleven POCKET ROCKET – British Airways Flight Experience 1996


On June 30, 1996, the wheels of fate and fortune aligned and Henry Tenby was able to have his one and only flight on scheduled airline BAC One Eleven. British Airways BAC One Eleven Series 400 G-AVGP operated by Maersk Air was on the Birmingham to Belfast route and Henry Tenby filmed the entire flight as he was going to meet up with the crew of a British World Viscount 800 to film the flight back to Coventry the following evening.

Today the BAC One Eleven has faded into the history books, with no aircraft known to be airworthy and operating at the time of this writing. Which makes this video flight report all the more interesting and special. Henry Tenby is a huge fan of classic British airliners, and aircraft spotters will surely appreciate how special the BAC-111 is when they hear the sweet sounds of the Spey engines during wind up, power up for take-off, engine throttle adjustments and the spool down. The sound is sweet music to the ears!Sign Up with JetFlix TV for month to month streaming access

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