Bob Dros – Aircraft Models in Perspex video series – Part 1


In this 7 part video series, aircraft display model collector and author Henry Tenby pays a fascinating visit to the home and workshop of Amsterdam based Bob Dros of Bel-Air Models.

Building highly detailed aircraft models in solid perspex is the established specialty of Bob Dros, and he explains the detailed process that he has honed over the past 20 years to create his amazing models.

There are only 250-300 of Bob’s Bel-Air perspex models in existence as they are time consuming and costly builds, and each model is a private commission from a discerning collector. So Bel-Air models are rare and as we approach the final few year’s of Bob’s production, it is important that we were able to document Bob Dros and his amazing perspex model making talent.Sign Up with JetFlix TV for month to month streaming access

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