Brooklands Aviation Museum – Vickers Aircraft Powerplants Pressure Chamber – Part 1


Part 1 of a 5 part mini series:

A visit to the Brooklands Aviation Museum is a must for any true, red-blooded classic airliner fan. For this is the home of Vickers, the famous maker of the Vickers Viking, Vickers Viscount, Vickers Vanguard, and Vickers VC-10.

Situated in in the outskirts of London at Weybridge, the birthplace and place of manufacture of these classic airline types is hallowed ground for aviation fans. And a full day visit to this remarkably comprehensive museum is surely not nearly enough time to take it all in, as this JetFlix multi show mini series presented by JetFlix founder Henry Tenby very clearly demonstrates.

This first video takes us into the Weybridge pressure chamber where fuselage sections of such aircraft as the Viscount, Vanguard and VC-10 were tested under varying atmospheric conditions, without ever having even left the ground. We also present a fascinating survey of all the classic engines that powered the Vickers stable of civil and commercial aircraft from the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

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