CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet – US Airlines Serving the US Military 1960s 1970s


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The CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet are commercial airlines and their aircraft that can be called upon by the emergency demands of the US Government at times of national emergency, war, or natural disaster to aid in the transport of emergency personnel and cargo.

The CRAF serves short haul, long haul, domestic, and Alaska. CRAF airlines in the 1960s and 70s included Airlift International, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Braniff, Capitol International Airways, Continental, Eastern, Evergreen, Flying Tigers, Hawaiian, Northwest, Overseas National, Pan American World Airways, Seaboard World, Trans International, TWA, United, Western Air Lines, Wien Alaska and World Airways, and all of these airlines appear in this 25 minute film with their classic airliners.

The CRAF reserve compliments the airlift abilities of the US military, and many US airlines participate in this program. The program had its founding during World War II when Pan Am flying boats supported the US military efforts across the South Pacific in the war against Japan.

It also played a large role in the Berlin Airlift as the civil airlines were able to support US military airlift in other regions of the world while the military aircraft efforts were focused on serving the people of Berlin. The Korean and Vietnam Wars also depended heavily on the CRAF fleet of commercial airliners.

This film explains the role of the CRAF airline fleet in great detail. Classic airliners highlighted in this classic airline movie include: Reeve DC-3, Airlift DC-8-63, Saturn Hercules, TWA L1011, Braniff DC-8 and Boeing 707, Flying Tigers DC-8, 707 and 747, Trans International DC-8, World 707, DC-8-63 and DC-10 and 747, Pan American DC-7, Seaboard World DC-8, Pan Am 747SP, Pan American Stratocruiser and 707, American 707, plus more! This movie really is a delight for airline freaks!