DPRK Aviation Tour 2014


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Despite what the mainstream media might lead you to believe, DPRK (North Korea) is an excellent place forbespoke holiday. It is specially for aviation fans.

DPRK Aviation Tour 2014

For some years, specialized aviation tours offered by a handful of private tour operators in partnership with KTS. The country’s official tourism agency. This DPRK Aviation Tour video produced by KTS and highlights the 2014 aviation tour. DPRK Aviation Tour 2014 gives a broad view of the interesting tourism and aviation highlights that await potential visitors to the DPRK.

DPRK Aviation Tour 2014 special highlights scheduled flights and enthusiast joy rides on the Air Koryo IL-18, Tupolev Tu-154, Tu-134, Antonov AN-24, IL-62, IL-76, Tu-204.

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