Flying the Bristol Freighter Part I (1992-1994)


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From 1989 until 1999, the wilds of Northwestern British Columbia was the setting for the world’s last working Bristol Freighter operation. In Flying the Bristol Freighter Part I Engineer Paul Hawkins had the good fortune of being able to extensively film Bristol Freighters C-FDFC and C-FTPA on the job with Terrace based Trans-Provincial Airlines.

In this feature presentation, we get a first hand look at the rigours of working the fifty year old Bristols between their Bronson Creek base camp and Wrangell in harsh winter conditions that often defied man, muscle and machine.

The Bristol crew worked out of make-shift quarters with maintenance performed in the elements often in below zero temperatures. Despite the conditions, spirits were always high and at the end of day, the job was always done.

This Flying the Bristol Freighter Part I is a must view show for all serious round engine propliner fans. This show is jam-packed with exterior footage, cockpit footage, lots of landing and take-off sequences, inflight engine footage, run-ups, flypasts, freight loading and there is even some nice crew house and maintenance footage to give the full picture of life on the road with the world’s last Bristol Freighters.

Flying the Bristol Freighter Part I Show Programs

Chapter 1) C-FTPA at Bronson Creek 12/4/92
Chapter 2) inflight to Wrangell
Chapter 3) landing Wrangell 12/4/92
Chapter 4) low level back to Bronson Creek
Chapter 5) top hatch valley view
Chapter 6) another Wrangell landing
Chapter 7) back to Bronson Creek
Chapter 8) landing at Bronson Creek
Chapter 9) taxi-in at Bronson Creek
Chapter 10) C-FDFC at Terrace 12/22/92
Chapter 11) C-FDFC cold-soak Terrace 12/30/92
Chapter 12) C-FDFC flight to Bronson Creek
Chapter 13) “Down the gut” approach to Bronson Creek
Chapter 14) C-FDFC taxi-in at Bronson Creek
Chapter 15) preflight at Wrangell 1/11/93
Chapter 16) back to Bronson Creek
Chapter 17) C-FDFC flypast and landing at Bronson Creek
Chapter 18) Wrangell landing 1/11/93
Chapter 19) Wrangell preflight 1/11/93
Chapter 20) back to Bronson Creek
Chapter 21) C-FDFC flypasts at Bronson Creek
Chapter 22) C-FDFC Bronson Creek landing
Chapter 23) Bristol maintenance
Chapter 24) C-FDFC Bronson Creek take-off
Chapter 25) last Trans-Provincial Airlines Bristol Freighter flights
Chapter 26) Wrangell landing 1/14/93
Chapter 27) C-FTPA runups 4/17/93
Chapter 28) Bronson Creek operations winter 1994/1995
Chapter 29) loading C-FTPA at Bronson Creek
Chapter 30) DVD previews

Total running time: 66 minutes