Hanover Germany – Tupolev Tu-154 Last Western European Stronghold


In the summer of 2008 JetFlix TV videographer made a special spotting visit to Hanover Airport in Germany to view history in the making.

At the time the classic jetliners of Soviet era design bureaus were in the final sunset chapter with most airports in Europe having banned the types due to excessive noise. Whilst back home in mother Russia, the local airlines were rapidly adapting to North American and European built modern day airliners, due to their increased fuel efficiency and enhanced passenger appeal.

For some strange reason Hanover airport in Germany attracted more than its fair share of airliner visitors in the former of the Soviet classics like the Tupolev Tu-154. Which had already become a rarity in Western Europe. We hope you will enjoy this special video that highlights a special day back in 2008 when the Soviet era jetliners reigned supreme in the final chapter.Sign Up with JetFlix TV for month to month streaming access