LET Industries L 410 NG Aircraft Introduction and Flight Display


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Produced by LET Industries in the Czech Republic, the LET 410 is well established and proven mid-sized utility, passenger, commuter and general cargo aircraft that first flew in 1969.Over 350 variants of the LET 410 have been delivered to operators all over the world, and the rugged aircraft is comfortable and reliable whether operating at +50 degrees Celcius, or at -50 degrees Celcius.

Over the past 5 decades numerous enhancements to the model have been rolled out by the manufacturer, the most recent being the LET L 410 NG which remains in the commuter aircraft category offers a passenger capacity of 19 seats in addition to a crew of two pilots.

lightboxModernized aircraft is characterized by many changes. Fundamental changes include: MTOW increase, payload increase, essential double enlargement of front luggage compartment as a result of aircraft nose prolongation and, last but not least, new wing structure with integral fuel tank and its production technology. Integral fuel tanks enable significant increase of fuel capacity.

LET has made significant performance improvements to the aircraft by enhancing the range, increasing the aircraft’s cruising speed, and effecting significant “hot and high performance” improvements.

They also implemented a full glass cockpit while the passenger cabin received a significant modernization and updating to appeal to airlines serving higher yield commuter markets. We would like to thank LET Industries for providing us with this very nicely produced promotional video showing the aircraft’s first flight from Kunovice Airport and an aerial flight display at the ILA Berlin Airshow 2016, to share with the viewers in the JetFlix TV community.