NWT Air Boeing 737-210C C-GNWI air-to-air and crew training Yellowknife 1992


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NWT Air was founded in 1962 Robert Parsons “Bob” Engle as a Yellowknife, NWT based charter operator with a Beech 18 on floats. Over the decades the airline advanced to DC-3, DC-6, Lockheed L188 Electra and in the late 1980s to Boeing 737-200 Combi aircraft, which were ideally suited to the market placed demands of the region.

By 1992, Bob Engle had sold his airline to Air Canada as their Northern Connector airline, although he was very smart and retained owership of the fleet of two Boeing 737s and the L382 Hercules, which were all leased to the airline with the finances guaranteed by Air Canada.

By 1992, Vancouver-based aviation fan was lucky enough to find temporary employment with NWT Air having recently graduated from university with a background in accounting and finance and a keen interest in world airline fleets and matters related to aircraft lease financing and marketing.

NWT Air’s Director of Flight Operations very kindly allowed Henry Tenby to organize and air-to-air photo shoot on the NWT Air Boeing 737-210C C-GNWI during an inflight training session for new hire pilots on March 22, 1992.

Keen to maximize such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Henry Tenby found a Yellownnife based Cessna 337 chase plane (owned by the Christian Ministry) and invited Gary Vincent from Vancouver to fly up to Yellowknife to help with the video tape filming of the operation, which we are pleased to presented here in JetFlix TV as a feature presentation.

The new hire pilots first conducted high altitude training work on the Boeing 737-210C. After which, the Boeing descended to a much lower altitude for the air-to-air photography to match the flight capabilities of the Cessna 337 chase plane.

When the air-to-air photo shoot was finished, the Boeing positioned back to Yellowknife airport, where the Director of Flight Operations put his new hire pilots through a series of demanding tests at the airfield aboard the live aircraft, including which loss of engine V1, rejected take-offs and landings and other pilot training related procedures which were best tested on a live aircraft versus a simulator.

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