Alaska Glacier Flightseeing on a Super DC-3 C-117 – Now on JetFlix TV

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Alaska Glacier Sightseeing Flight on Super DC-3 TransNorthern AviationThe chance to fly over one of the largest glaciers in Alaska at very low level in a near 70 year old Super DC-3 vintage airplane is an opportunity not to be missed! Back in 2008, JetFlix TV cameraman Chris Mak chartered TransNorthern Aviation Super Douglas DC-3 (also called a C-117) for a sightseeing flight from Anchorage to Palmer with an extended sightseeing of the massive Knik Glacier in the Chugach Mountain Range of Central Alaska. The vintage propliner aspect of the trip was interesting in its own right, but the unbelievable scenic flight is something that comes with high recommendations from the team here at JetFlix TV. TransNorthern Aviation operate a small fleet of these modified DC-3s called the C-117 Super DC-3 and only a handful of these vintage airplanes still operate. All in all, this is a fabulous aviation trip for any aviation fans planning to visit Alaska for some plane spotting.

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