Aer Lingus Classics 1960s and 1970s


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Aer Lingus Classics 1960s

In the summer of 1969, flower power was in full swing across Europe, and the hit movie in Ireland that memorable summer was “The Graduate” starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft.

The Aer Lingus promo film “Shamrocks Sky High” played in Irish cinemas along with “The Graduate” to promote the airline’s dedicated and highly trained staff, latest aircraft (Boeing 707s, BAC One Elevens and new 737s), first class maintenance and crew training facilities, cutting edge computer reservation systems, and the development of the Irish travel industry in the go-go days of the booming jet age.

This film features plenty of wonderful aircraft footage filmed from Dublin’s packed observation decks, airside, as well as inflight and onboard, and a fair number of lucky Aer Lingus employees appear in the film, which truly counts as an airline history classic to be watched over and over again.

The second Aer Lingus Classics promotional film highlights the Pope’s historic 1979 visit to Ireland, and the important role played by Aer Lingus Classics in carrying the Pope from Rome to Ireland, and then on to Boston. Much of the film is about the Pope’s visits to various Irish locations, and the logistics involved. A special thank you to Aer Lingus for allowing us to present these special films in this program.

Aer Lingus Classics 1960s and 1970s Show Programs
Chapter 1) Aer Lingus Vickers Viscount training (B&W) (3 minutes)
Chapter 2) Shamrocks Sky High (colour 1968) (27 minutes)
Chapter 3) Pope visit to Ireland (colour 1979) (20 minutes)
Chapter 4) End Credits

Total running time: 50 minutes