Air Canada Industry Challenges 1982


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In 1982, the airline industry in Canada faced much turmoil. Some might argue there was more fierce competition than exists today.

Air Canada Industry Challenges 1982 – Air Canada faced competition from PWA and CP Air on trunk routes. While regional carriers like Eastern Provincial and Nordair provided competition in regional and charter markets, particularly in Eastern Canada. New, expensive Boeing 767s were coming on strength while turmoil in the US with the demise of Braniff saw further price competition on routes to the US. Largely the result of new entrants fostered by the deregulation of the industry in the US.

All of these issues of the day are highlighted upon in this informative industry film made by Air Canada to educate their employees and management. Air Canada Industry Challenges 1982 film was part of the Air Canada archives collection that we digitized in 2012. When we released the Air Canada History DVDs this particular film did not easily lend itself for inclusion on a DVD. As it the DVDs covered the period from the early 1970s and prior.

Watch for Air Canada’s Chief Executive Claude Taylor at the debut of the first Air Canada 767, as well as neat footage of PWA’s 767. It is very obvious that Air Canada’s strategy of the day focused on “aggressive selling”. Seems strangely unsophisticated as we look back on the issue from today.

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2 Responses to “Air Canada Industry Challenges 1982”

  1. <path_to_url> Duncan Mills

    Henry, I remember the early 80s like it was yesterday, but watching this I realize how much time has elapsed since! Imagine the Boeing 767-233 being the newest and most efficient aircraft available. You mentioned the PWA 767 footage. That is ship 672, C-GPWB, which ended up at AC. I rode her LGA-YYZ in summer of 1988. According to the pilots, the two PWA birds lacked the nice power adjustment of cockpit seats available on AC’s -233s.

    The Intercontinental service incorporated Sleeper Seats (then a novelty), and ‘vins grand cru’ in what looks like a major upgrade in service.

    Hindsight is always 20/20, but things got increasingly tough for AC in the 80s. Perhaps you hit the nail on the head, but aggressive selling could only do so much. The extensive fleet of 727s was getting long in the tooth back then, and the L1011s-which I loved – were being eclipsed by more efficient twins.

  2. <path_to_url> Henry Tenby

    I graduated from grade 12 in 1982, the year this film was made and the year the 767 was introduced to service. It is very hard to believe that 35 years ago. And of course the Air Canada 767-200s have been retired from the fleet for some time now. My last ride on one was from HNL to YVR .. a night flight .. about seven or eight years ago. It was also a nice treat to see the footage of Claude Taylor. He was Air Canada’s Chief Executive for a number of years, but in the age of the internet there is almost no footage with him talking anywhere to be found. So this is a nice tribute and momento for those reasons too.

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