Airlines in Canada 1960s Coast to Coast Documentary – Part 1


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Welcome to the continuation of our story on the airlines of Canada. We take up from our last show, which examined the Canadian airline industry in the 1940s and 1950s.

It could be easily argued that the decade of the 1960s was the most interesting period of Canadian airline history. The airlines transitioned from the props to the jets, and Canada’s leading carriers rose to the forefront of the industry in terms of prominence and professionalism. JetFlix creator and life long airline fan Henry Tenby set out to make a documentary film that would be definitive film work on the Canadian airline industry of the 1960s.

Using never before seen films from a variety of sources , including Air Canada’s own archives via the Government of Canada, the NFB and British Aerospace (BAe Systems), this feature film presents the story of how the industry evolved from the early introduction of the first jets in 1960 and 1961, to the close of the decade with the eminent delivery of the first wide-body 747 in the early 1970s.

This documentary has been split into three segments. The first segment is presented here and takes place largely in the very early 1960s at Montreal’s Dorval airport, where we are shown the first DC-8s and Vanguards of Trans-Canada Air Lines. The story of the Vickers Vanguard being a bit late to market is also explained as we start the decade of the 1960s.

Our special documentary film “Airlines in Canada 1960s” was an eight year production effort by JetFlix founder Henry Tenb,y and it gives us a detailed and colourful look back at the commercial airlines operating in Canada during the decade of the 1960s. The documentary streams as a three part mini series on www.JetFlix.TV

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