Airlines in Canada 1960s Coast to Coast Documentary – Part 2


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This show continues where the part 1 left off. We take up our 1960s cross Canada airline industry documentary by examining the high quality of inflight service aboard and Air Canada DC-8 circa 1965. Next is a visit to the then busiest airport in Canada, Montreal’s Dorval Airport. It is fascinating to see the check-in counters of the day, and the entrance area to the open air observation deck at Dorval. The manual check-in procedures are not completely foreign as even back then they had small TV monitors to assist with the passenger handling.

Our story then takes out West to Vancouver’s South Terminal in 1967, during which time the airport was busy with construction of the new airport, and the operators of the day at Vancouver included BC Air Lines with their Grumman Goose and Mallard fleets, Pacific Western Airlines with coastal BC float operation (Grumman Goose CF-UVJ and De Havilland DHC-3 Otter CF-RNO), and of course Canadian Pacific Airlines DC-8s and Air Canada mainline aircraft including DC-8s and Vanguards, and the then very new DC-9-14.

This feature documentary film “Airlines in Canada 1960s” was produced by Henry Tenby and examines the commercial airlines serving Canada in the 1960s, which streams as a three part mini series on www.JetFlix.TV

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