Berlin Tegel Spotter’s Dream Airport Part 1


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Welcome to Berlin Tegel Airport. Built for the jet passenger comforts of the 1960s, the airport features a circular design with 30 metre distance from the curb to the boarding gate. Airports in China will advised to not take a page from this playbook! Tegel airport also features an entire roof as an open space and unobstructed observation deck, with wide expanse views of the gate areas and runways. In short, Berlin Tegel is an aviation spotter’s dream come true.

JetFlix TV’s Henry Tenby paid a visit to this airport in the Spring of 2018 during the ILA 2018 airshow, and let’s just say it was love at first sight. In Canada and the US they sure don’t make airports like this anymore! Well not in the past 60 years or so, plus or minus a decade. After paying a small admission and passing through an airside security screening, spotters are granted access to the entire roof of the airport. With no chainlink fence, and no glass barriers. This even tops the Japanese airports in terms of unobstructed viewing.

Tegel offers an eclectic mix of traffic featuring all the homegrown German staple carriers, including a Lufthansa Airbus 340 (at the time of our visit), as well as a nice selection of European flag carriers, and the usual low cost airlines. German division of easyJet has an extensive presence at the airport. All in all, traffic is pretty much non-stop action during daytime hours. There is hardly enough time to take a toilet break for fear of missing the action.

We highly recommend this airport as a must-visit destination for all hard core spotters, as is fully evident in this two part video series which streams here at JetFlix TV. Be sure to bring spare batteries, sun screen, a hat or umbrella, and don’t forget your cameras!