Big Props Alaska, Land of the Free, and Big Recips!


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Back in August of 2007, Chris Mak set out to explore a remote land, which was the wild of untamed Alaska. His sights were set on filming and flying on some of the last big recip propliner operations that could be found on the planet, as the 4 engined piston pounder has surely become an endangered species. Chris visited both Anchorage airport and the famous Fairbank Airport, home of Everts Air Fuel, where he filmed these amazing, oily, relics from the past earning their keep in their yeoman days of service before they were replaced by boring, sterile cargo jets like 737s and DC-9s. Long live the C-46 Commando and the 4 engined DC-6 piston pounders that called Alaska home! And long live these amazing propliners, that are forever preserved on video for the viewing enjoyment of diehard propliner fans of the future.