Brooklands Aviation Museum Sultan Oman Vickers VC10 – Part 3


Part 3 of a 5 part mini series:

Join JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby for an immersive tour of the Sultan of Oman’s personal VC-10 transport which is a star exhibit at the Vickers Weybridge Brooklands Museum in Surrey, England.

Without doubt, the Vickers VC10 is considered as the penultimate British airliner (second to the Concorde which was a joint British-French collaboration). The VC-10 was the most luxurious passengers jet airliner built in the UK, and it was conceived, designed and constructed at Vickers Weybridge, the current site of the Brooklands Museum.

The Vickers VC-10 was famous for its impressive “hot and high” take-off performance (which enabled it to serve the long haul routes from the UK to short and hot airfields in Africa). Airlines passengers loved the VC-10 for its spacious, vibration-free and well designed interior cabin.

The very first VC-10 G-ARTA took off from Brooklands on June 29, 1962, and throughout the 1960s some 53 examples were built at Weybridge, including 31 “Standard” and 22 “Super” VC10s. The largest orders went to BOAC and the Royal Air Force but other operators of the Vickers VC-10 included British United Airways, Laker Airways, and Ghana Airways.

The VC-10 also enjoyed a solid reputation as a luxury VIP transport with His Majesty The Sultan of Oman Qaboos bin Said Al Said, who very kindly donated his VC-10 to the Brooklands Museum when he retired in 1987. His aircraft was first flown from Weybridge on October 17, 1964 and was delivered factory new to British United Airways at G-ASIX.

After a stint with BCAL from 1970 to 1974, the VC-10 was then sold to the Omani Government in 1974. After overhaul and conversion to VIP status at BAC Hurn, the VC-10 was re-registered A40-AB and went on to serve the Sultan of Oman for thirteen years as his personal international transport aircraft.

The aircraft also has the distinction of being the very last civilian operated Vickers VC-10 in service. The aircraft’s last ever flight was on June 7, 1987 from Muscat to Brooklands via Heathrow, crewed by Flight Officers of the Omani Royal Flight with His Excellency Hussein Bin Mohammed Bin Ali (the Omani Ambassador to the UK) and Sir Peter Masefield (former Chief Exectuvive of BEA and then current Chairman of Trustees of the Brooklands Museum) as her passengers on that flight.

To this day, this lovely Vickers VC-10 remains as the star attraction at the Brooklands Museum, and we encourage all viewers to make the effort to visit this superb museum on their next trip to the UK and the Greater London area.Sign Up with JetFlix TV for month to month streaming access

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