Brooklands Aviation Museum Vickers Viscount and Varsity – Part 4


Part 4 of a 5 part mini series:

The Vickers Viscount was the most prolific commercial aircraft to roll off the Vickers productions lines from the 1940s to the 1960s. Therefore, it is only fitting that Viscount 800 G-APIM of British Air Ferries “Viscount Stephen Piercey” is a star attraction at the Brooklands Aviation Museum in Weybridge, Surrey, England.

The nice thing about this museum is the commercial airliners are open for inspection and visitors to the museum can board the aircraft and speak with very keen and enthusiastic tour guides about history of each type. Viscount G-APIM was donated to the Brooklands Museum when it was retired from operational service by British Air Ferries in the mid 1990s, and the aircraft has been on full time open display at the museum ever since.

Visitors can inspect the cabin of the Viscount from cockpit to the real galley and lav and a small display of photos, collectibles, photos and models is presented in the forward cabin section as a mini tribute to the amazing turboprop aircraft, which set the standard of turbine powered air travel when it was first introduced to service with British European Airways on European routes in the early 1950s.

Be sure to ask the tour guides to switch on the Viscount engine recordings which adds a lovely atmosphere when touring the aircraft, sure to bring back memories for those who fondly remember flying on this wonderful aircraft. In this video we join JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby for an immersive tour of this aircraft, and the museum’s resident Vickers Varsity.Sign Up with JetFlix TV for month to month streaming access

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