Flying the Interavia Ilyushin IL-62M – Russia Aviation Holiday 2008 Part 1


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Join aviation videographer Chris Mak for a JetFlix TV exclusive, an aviation holiday in Russia. During the time of the visit back in 2008, Soviet designed passenger aircraft were still operating in good numbers throughout the country, and it was still possible to secure rides on classics like the IL-62 and Tu-154.

In this video we join Chris on July 3, 2008, for a flight on Interavia Airlines IL-62M RA-86577 from Domodedovo airport in Moscow aboard flight CK621 to Magadan, a flight of some seven and a half hours in duration. This particular IL-62 was originally delivered to East Germany’s Interflug Airlines on June 30, 1987. As for Interavia, they went bust in October of 2008.

The video opens with a fascinating sequence of footage filmed at Moscow’s Vnukovo also on July 3, 2008, which features an impressive line up of classic Soviet era airliners, including numerous Antonov AN-24, Tupolev Tu-154 and Tu-134 aircraft. Highlights include UT Air Tu-134, Tu-154 and AN-24, a Polish Government Tu-154, and a KMV Tu-154. This film is continued with the part 2 segment of the show.

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