Miami Airport Classic Jetliners Douglas DC-8 Boeing 707 & More 1992


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In December of 1992, JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby was visiting Miami International Airport on one of his many slide photography visits to famous airport during the pre internet era. Back then, the airline hobby largely involved taking colour 35mm slides of airliners and exchanging slides with other airline fans around the world. Thus, airline fans were connected through their collection of airline slides and photography, instead of being connected via the internet today.

Miami airport had a global reputation as being one of the best airports in the world to see and photography classic jetliners and classic propliners. Airlines from Latin and South America were not as wealthy as North American and European airlines, so the hand-me-down tired airliners from the front line airliners migrated down to South America so serve out their final years. And many of the aircraft brokers and overhaul shops that facilitated the transfer of the clapped out airliners to Latin America were based at Miami airport. Hence it’s reputation in the 70s, 80 and early 90s as being mecca for old airliners.

During Henry Tenby’s December, 1992, visit to Miami the weather was devoid of sunshine. Which meant that not much could be done in the way of 35mm colour slide photography. But Henry brought his new 8mm video camera with him, and he decided to film some of the classic jetliners like the cargo 707s and DC-8s, and we are pleased to feature that footage on this short video.

However, please be aware the quality of the video and the non stabilized shakiness of the footage is not up to today’s HD quality levels. This video only has 500 lines of resolution versus the 1920 lines of resolution of HD video. So we invite you to enjoy this video for what it is, which is a memory of how things were back in the final days of Miami’s DC-8 and 707 operations. By the late 1990s the vast majority of the four engine JT3 narrow body classic airliners were all gone from Miami.

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