Nanaimo BC Float Plane Spotting – De Havilland Canada Seaplane City


Welcome to beautiful Nanaimo, BC. This summertime tourist destination attracts visitors from Canada, the US and Europe seeking sun and fun, and many of these summer visitors make their journey to Nanaimo as a starting point for their Vancouver Island holiday via float plane from Vancouver. For aviation fans, plane spotters and fans of De Havilland Canada aircraft, the busy float base in Nanaimo Harbour is a dream come true destination for those seeking to capture fabulous photos and videos of these hard working seaplanes. As filmed by JetFlix TV’s Henry Tenby with commentary support from British aviation historian Ron Kosys, this video presents a lovely summer time visit to one of the world’s most beautiful venues for capturing De Havilland Canada DHC-s Beavers and DHC-3 Otters up close and personal as they earn their keep.Sign Up with JetFlix TV for month to month streaming access

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