North From Yellowknife – Wardair Canada Operations 1961


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Very special thanks to Scoval Publishing (UK) for providing this film.
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Produced in 1961, this colour flashback film tells the early years story of Wardair and the story of air transportation and mining on the Precambrian Shield of Canada’s Northwest Territories.

This was well before Wardair evolved to being a passenger jet airline and at the time, Wardair used a fleet of Bristol Mk.31 Freighters and De Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter and DHC-2 Beaver aircraft to fly materials, cargo, fuels and people from Yellowknife to exploration and first nations communities in Canada’s North.

The producers of the film take some time to show what the frontier town of Yellowknife looked like in 1961, with all its modern amenities of the day. They also explain that communities and exploration projects and mine sites North of Yellowknife have to be re-supplied by air, much the same situation as today.

Very little movie footage exists today of Wardair Canada’s historic 1960s operations, and we extend our thanks to Scott Henderson of Scoval Publishing for providing this amazing film for our viewing enjoyment. As the film was sourced from the UK, we suspect that it is possible the film’s production was financed by the Bristol Aeroplane Company, as the film credits thank the staff of Wardair Canada for their assistance