Speyer Classic Airline Museum tour with Lufthansa Boeing 747 wing walk, Mercure, An-22 and much more!


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The Speyer Technik museum in Germany features a lovely collection of classic airliners including the famous Lufthansa Boeing 747-230 that is perched a few hundred feet up in the air that allows for a unique wing walk experience.

JetFlix TV founder Henry Tenby takes us for an immersive and fascinating tour of all the classic airliners that reside at the Speyer Technik museum. We start with the Air Inter Mercure, which is one of 10 built medium range French jets from the 1970s, and is the only example to be found outside of France. We then move to an An-26, a former Lufthansa Vickers Viscount 814, and then the star attraction, the Lufthansa Boeing 747.

The Lufthansa 747 is fully opened for a detailed interior tour of the main deck with rear pressure bulkhead, and then upstairs to the business class section and flight deck. Which is followed by a very unique wing walk to the outer edge of the 747’s wing tip, with an amazing view looking back at the main fuselage, something you cannot experience many other places.

The tour concludes with an inspection of the Antonov 22, which is a giant Russian cargo plan, which has a certain ship-like feel to it. Speyer is the sister museum to the Sinsheim museum, which is about a 45 minute driving distance between the two unique museums.

Also be sure to view the Sinsheim museum tour video, which is also presented on JetFlix TV.

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