Test Flying the Fokker F27 with Fokker Test Pilot H.V.B. Burgerhout (Dutch)


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This Dutch language promo film was made by Fokker in the 1950s to demonstrate the impressive flight characteristics of their then new Fokker 27 regional airliner.

Powered by two Rolls Royce Dart engines, the same reliable engines that powered the four engine Vickers Viscount, the Fokker F27 went on to achieve a similar worldwide sale record as the Viscount, albeit serving a slightly smaller range and payload footprint than the Viscount. As the Fokker 27 was low to the ground, it was ideally suited to gravel strips with easy cargo loading, whereas the Viscount was more suited to passenger operations at improved pavement airfields.

The single engine performance and reliability of the Fokker 27 was impressive and this film demonstrates the terrific stability of the aircraft whilst flying on just one engine. We are also presented with single engine landings, single engine cruise inflight, and loss of an engine on take-off.

The Fokker 27 was a very easy aircraft to fly and was very forgiving and this film was made to show prospective customers that even though it was a prop jet powered aircraft, it was not too complex in terms of operational handling as compared to the DC-3, which was the type the F27 would be replacing at many airlines throughout the world. The rest, as the saying goes, is history!

2 Responses to “Test Flying the Fokker F27 with Fokker Test Pilot H.V.B. Burgerhout (Dutch)”

  1. <path_to_url> Carl Haluss

    Amazing aircraft. Especially evolving into the F50, and will probably be in service for many years. I need to brush up on my Dutch!

    • <path_to_url> Henry Tenby

      The Fokker 50 is an amazing aircraft but it never caught on here in North America. Strangely. I guess the ATR and De Havilland products won the day on this side of the pond because of momentum and larger parts and servicing networks. I have only had two Fokker 50 flight experiences. In the mid 1990s Fokker brought an Avianca demonstrator up to Yellowknife to demonstrate to NWT Air, who I worked for at the time. So they took us a a gravel strip at a diamond mine about 30 minutes are time North of Yellowknife. And then last year I attended the Fly VLM Fokker 50 relaunch of service between Antwerp and London City Airport, which was filmed as a show for JetFlix. The type still has lots of life left her yet, but the hard core airline fan has to go further afield to get flights. Which I highly recommend! The Fokker 50 is a very comfortable aircraft by today’s standards. As for the Fokker F27, I do not think it is possible to get a passenger flights anywhere on the planet. I think they are flying cargo only these days.

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