Touring The Swiss Alps .. In a Lockheed Super Connie


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The Super Constellation Flyers Association of Switzerland operates one of the world’s last flyable Connies from their base in Switzerland.

In August of 2014, our correspondent Chris Mak visited the operation and enjoyed a pleasure flight touring the Swiss Alps from the comfort of the Connie, based from Bern airport. The Swiss Constellation is essentially a flying museum that is kept in safe airworthy conditions complying to Swiss air-worthiness standards.

Up until a few years ago the aircraft was sponsored by Breitling, the famous precision watch maker. Unfortunately they pulled their sponsorship at the end of the 2016 flying season, and as a result the Connie did not fly in the summer of 2017.

The future looks bright for the 2018 flying season for the Swiss Connie and the aircraft is planned to operate to European airshows for the summer, once again making it possible to enjoy a Connie flight. Anyone is welcome to join the Super Constellation Flyers Association of Switzerland, and membership in the society brings the opportunity to purchase a seat on one of the many pleasure flights conducted by the aircraft each summer season. At JetFlix TV we highly recommend our viewers to support this worthwhile organization. For more information CLICK HERE.

In this amazing video filmed by Chris Mak, we feature footage of the taxi and take-off, and amazing inflight footage from the passenger cabin as the Connie majestically weaves her way through the towering Swiss Alps. A photo chase plane also accompanied the Connie and we feature some brief in-flight air-to-air views of the Connie as well. At the end of the film, the Swiss L-1049 Super Constellation lands back at the beautiful Bern airport.

4 Responses to “Touring The Swiss Alps .. In a Lockheed Super Connie”

  1. <path_to_url> Carl Haluss

    Kudos! a thousand times. Not only is this footage amazing from the standpoint of the Connie and Chase plane flight, but it gives wonderful insight into how these planes are actually photographed. I would want to be sitting exactly where Chris Mak was sitting when he filmed this. Maybe it’s time to renew my passport!
    My only Connie flight was in 1962, on the Lufthansa shuttle between Frankfurt and Hamburg, where the last of the LH Connies were deployed.

    • <path_to_url> Henry Tenby

      Hi Carl, Well I must say you are very lucky to have had an original airline Connie flight, it back in 1962 during the golden age. I am glad you enjoyed this film by Chris Mak, as he really does capture the essence of what the Connie experience is all about. The way things are looking now, I am not so certain that the Swiss Connie will take to the air on a regular passenger carrying basis again. Too much time is passing by and the longer it sits, the more costly it becomes to put her back in the air.

  2. <path_to_url> Carl Haluss

    I had no idea that Breitling is no longer involved in the preservation of this Connie.

    • <path_to_url> Henry Tenby

      They dropped out more than a year ago so the Connie is without a corporate sponsor, which makes things difficult. The latest news is they have had to cancel their summer 2018 flying schedule which is a huge shame. The longer the plane sits, and the more months and years that go by without activity makes it less probable that it will fly again, in my personal opinion. A sad situation.

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