Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight Attendant Intro 1950s


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Trans-Canada Air Lines Flight Attendant Intro 1950s

Back in the 1950s, working as a Flight Attendant was considered as only a job for young, un-married women. It was a highly glamorous affair and a young woman could see the world, whilst also earning an independent living. But the job also required many skills which required a lot of aptitude, pose and training, all of which made for a rather high entry barrier to attain such positions.

Trans-Canada Air Lines was experience rapid growth in their domestic and international route network and fleet, and required on ongoing supply of fresh and pleasant recruits to join the company in the role of the flight attendant position.

This interesting mid 1950s era publicity film was made by Trans-Canada Air Lines to educate potential hires and new recruits as to all the requirements and demands of the job, as well as the exciting perks. The prime yield airliners of the day were Canadair DC-4M2 Northstars and Vickers Viscounts, and both feature quite prominently in this film, along with a generous supply of training footage, cabin service views and airport apron demonstrations.

We digitized this film as a part of Air Canada’s archives some years ago, but never released this film to DVD. As such, we have the great pleasure of exclusively presenting it for streaming here on JetFlix TV for your viewing pleasure. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this step back in time to the airline world of the mid 1950s.

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