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Classic Jetliners 1960s: Boeing 707 / Douglas DC-8 / Convair 880

In the early 1960s, the world’s airlines were transitioning from piston and turboprop aircraft to jet-powered aircraft. The dawn of the golden age of jet travel had arrived and global travel was becoming a mass, worldwide phenomena. Everyone wanted to travel by jet, and the world’s airlines promoted their jet services by every means possible, …Read more »

Canadian Armed Forces Boeing 707 CC-137 Part I (1970-1990)

The Canadian Armed Forces operated a fleet of five Boeing 707 transports (code named CC-137s) from 1970 through 1997. These reliable aircraft provided the Canadian military with a truly global deployment capability, with air-to-air refueling, humanitarian, and troop and cargo transport capabilities. The footage in this Canadian Armed Forces Boeing 707 CC-137 Part I show …Read more »

London City Airport Action

Welcome to London’s newest aerodrome, London City Airport. As any visitor will attest, London City Airport is a busy Euro hub that conveniently connects the London financial centre with major business centres across the continent and throughout the UK. Located at the former Royal Docks facility in East London, London City Airport is just five …Read more »

American Airlines Douglas DC-3 – Visit to Vancouver

On September 14, 2007, the Flagship Detroit Foundation’s lovingly restored American Airlines Douglas DC-3 NC17334 made a first-time visit to Vancouver International Airport as part of an America Airlines sponsored tour of their west coast stations. NC17334 was delivered new to American Airlines in March, 1937. In 1947, it was sold to the Bank of …Read more »

Honeywell Boeing 720 Crew Training at KIWA

Honeywell’s Phoenix-based Boeing 720 N720H has proven to be a reliable engine and avionics test bed for the past twenty years. In this Honeywell Boeing 720 Crew Training at KIWA 131 minute program, airline videographers Henry Tenby and Anthony J. Hickey and the 720 crew take you along for a complete cockpit crew recurrent training …Read more »