UNITED AIRLINES FLEET OPERATIONS IN THE 1950s: DC-6 / Convair 340/ Stratocruiser – Now on JetFlix TV

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United Airlines Operations and Fleet Overview 1958Mel’s Drive-In, Doo-Whop, Greasers, Bobby Socks, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Dion and the Belmonts all hard back to those fabulous post war years when everything and anything seemed possible! And one of the biggest and best airlines of the day in the United States, was Chicago based United Airlines. They operated an extensive coast-to-coast route network with an impressive fleet of US built propliner classics like the majestic double decker Boeing Stratocruiser for longer haul and cross water services to Hawaii, and the DC-6 for trunk services, and their Convair 340 for short haul flights. This mid 1950s promo movie was shot in glorious colour and it takes back in time for an up close look at this great US airline during their post war glory days when rock-n-roll music and hot rods were all the rage across the great land of the good old U S of A!

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