Trans-Canada Air Lines Vickers Viscount Ground Controlled Approach 1950s – Now streaming on JetFlix TV

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joinjetflixbutton Trans-Canada Air Lines Vickers Viscount Ground Controlled Approach

This film dates from the mid 1950s and explains the operations of GCA “Ground Controlled Approach” whereby the air traffic controllers user radar and navigation services of the day to guide aircraft in for landing when weather and visibility conditions are poor and visual flight rules are not possible.

The film was made in partnership with Trans-Canada Air Lines the simulation of GCA is made possible with a TCA Vickers Viscount and its Captain working with ATC controllers to bring the aircraft to the airport from cruising flight altitude.

Air to air footage of the TCA Vickers Viscount is used plentifully in the film, along with what appears to be live ATC controllers speaking with the pilot over the radio. The film is a true gem and was part of the Air Canada archives that Henry Tenby of JetFlix TV digitized back in 2013.

Watch the full version of this video which streams here on JetFlix TV.

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