Air Age Distribution 1960s


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Even back in the early 1960s, cargo by air was a very established and important sector of the airline industry. The benefits of air cargo to the US manufacturing sector were communicated to industry by way of this movie, which was most likely funded by a conglomeration of the airlines from the day.

Judging by the airport and aircraft scenes in this film it most likely dates from the early 1960s. This was a time when the front line propliners like Lockheed Constellations and Douglas DC-6 and DC-7s were rapidly being replaced on prime yield passenger routes by brand new jetliners like the Boeing 707, Douglas DC-8 and the De Havilland Comet 4 and Caravelle.

The propliners which were being made redundant by the jets were still relatively young aircraft, in many cases less than ten years of age, so they still had plenty of year of useful life remaining, and it was in the best interests of the airlines to find new work for these aircraft, as they had not yet been fully depreciated. And air cargo duties within the growing air cargo business was the perfect answer to the situation.

This movies runs for 15 minutes and we decided to end it before the natural end of the film. For the simple reason being that the film continued for about another 12 minutes without any interesting aircraft footage. So felt it was appropriate for us share the most interesting part of the film on the JetFlix, and leave out the boring section.

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