BOAC British Overseas Airways Corporation Boeing 707 and VC10 Promotional movies


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This airline publicity movie contains two parts, and dates from the mid 1960s with the first part featuring the British Overseas Airways Corporation Boeing 707, and the second part featuring the Vickers VC-10. The films do not tell much of the story or contain much narration as they are essentially visual feasts that celebrate the beauty of the aircraft in their own right, without the need for verbal comment.

In the first part about the Boeing 707, we enjoy the two versions of the BOAC 707 that were in operation in the mid 1960s, specifically the Rolls Royce Conway Boeing 707 and the Pratt and Whitney JT3-D powered Boeing 707. The aircraft are presented is all aspects of flight including landing, take-off, taxi and tight detail views.

The second part of the film that features the BOAC Vickers VC-10 follows a similar formula. We are presented with details close up views, as well as landing, taxi, take-off and fabulous air-to-air views of the VC-10. Both of the films were produced for purely promotional purposes back in the mid to late 1960s, long before the airline became British Airways.

These films were made possible by the kind generosity of Mr. Scott Henderson who provided them to us from his vast collection of classic airline and aviation films within his private archives. Mr. Henderson is the owner of Scoval Publishing which has produced a wide range of colour photo books on various aspects of British classic aviation. You can purchase his books from his website and we strongly encourage you to view the offerings, as many of his books are offered with remarkable discounts from their original published prices: