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BOAC in the 1950s


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BOAC In The 1950s

There were two leading airlines in 1950s, one was Pan American, the other was BOAC which stands for British Overseas Airways Corporation. During the 1950s, the vast majority of the travelling public was still taking to ocean liners for inter-continental travel.

It was the job of the airlines to show public that getting onto an aircraft was safe, convenient and comfortable way to travel. An important communication medium of the day was motion picture ads, and special promotional films. These were produced by the airlines to play in movie theaters to educate the public about the world of airlines. British Overseas Airways Corporation was a major producer of airline promotion films during this period. Such films have extended advertisements for the airlines. Read more about BOAC Here.

We felt very pleased to present a nice collection of BOAC in the 1950s colour films. Which promote the aircraft, service and destinations of Britain’s leading international airline. All of the British Overseas Airways Corporation films presented here lovely Kodachrome prints. There colours and quality of the movies beautifully preserved for your viewing enjoyment.

BOAC Colour Films

The first colour BOAC film is titled “Everybody’s Flying” which highlights the virtues and luxury of BOAC’s then new Douglas DC-7 Seven Seas. Filmed largely on board the aircraft. The film shows us the high level of comfort and in-flight service which could be expected when flying on new DC-7. The BOAC operated on long haul passengers services up until the early 1960s.

The next film is titled “Royal Flight to the West Indies”. A short review of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s 1950s visit to Jamaica (then referred to as “the fairest jewel of the British crown”) aboard BOAC Boeing Stratocruiser Canopus G-AKGK.

The third and final BOAC all colour 1950s film in this show is titled “Majesty in the Air”. The film shows the lovely footage of British Overseas Airways Corporation Hermes, Constellation, Britannia and Stratocruiser. “Majesty in the Air” was very informative film about the ample capabilities of BOAC and all that a visit to 1950s Britain had to offer visiting tourist of the day.

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Total running time: 38