British Aerospace BAe146 The Quiet Profit-Maker (circa 1990)


This film was produced by British Aerospace in 1990 to promote their then new BAe 146 regional jetliner. The BAe 146 was a specialized aircraft that was designed for high performance from short and unimproved air fields. Therefore, it found a niche with both hub and spoke regional carriers as well as specialist operators in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

This film highlights the operations of the leading BAe 146 operators of the early 1990s, including United Express, Air BC, Thai, Ansett, Dan-Air, Ansett, TNT (as a dedicated freighter), and Loganair. We are shown the terrific versatility of the BAe 146 in various operational settings in contrasting environments, including the then very new London City Airport.

Special thanks to British Aerospace and Scott Henderson of Scoval Publishing for making this film available for viewing as a JetFlix exclusive presentation.

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